Why You Should Visit Our Dental Office in Southfield With a Headache

Dental OfficeIn our dental office in Southfield, we understand that what happens in your mouth can impact other parts of the body. Everything in your body is connected somehow and in the case of your mouth, your jaw is connected to your head by the temporomandibular joint. If too much stress is placed on that joint, it can become sore and lead to further problems like headaches and face pain. If your headaches tend to be persistent in the morning or are accompanied by a sore jaw or face, this is definitely a sign that you should call our dental office and schedule an appointment.

How can visiting your dental office in Southfield help me?

When you visit our office, we will examine your teeth to determine if your headaches could be caused by what is happening inside of your mouth. The first thing we will do is look for signs of teeth grinding. If you grind your teeth at night, there will typically be signs of grinding in the form of teeth with ridges in them, teeth that are worn down or enamel that has worn away. You may also have sensitive teeth as a result of these symptoms. If we see these signs, it is a good indication that you are grinding your teeth.

If you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night, it can lead to symptoms of TMJ disorder which can take you from a regular headache to severe jaw discomfort in no time. It is important, therefore, to treat the problem immediately and the best way to do that is simply to prevent it from happening.

What non-invasive treatment options do you suggest in your dental office in Southfield?

If you are grinding your teeth, we can help you to stop it by having a night guard created for you. We will start by making an impression of your mouth and sending it off to the dental lab along with measurements so that a night guard can be created to your exact specifications. This is similar to a full retainer with the goal of preventing your upper and lower teeth from touching at night. This solution is fairly comfortable and will remain in place while you sleep. Even though it is simple in nature, it is incredibly effective for allowing your jaw to relax while you sleep. As an added benefit, wearing a night guard will prevent your teeth or restorations from becoming damaged. Grinding, after all, can lead to cracks or chips along with erosion and teeth that appear damaged or become sensitive.

Wearing a night guard is a non-invasive way to treat your headaches and far preferable to other doctor-recommended treatments for TMJ. We recommend trying all non-invasive treatments such as an oral appliance first. Ideally, if you come in at the first sign of regular headaches, we can treat the problem before you ever reach the point of not being able to comfortably open your jaw.

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