CEREC Crown Benefits


As a CEREC dentist, we know that there are many benefits to visiting our Southfield, MI office for same-day crowns. If you have damaged a tooth and need to have it restored, there is no faster or more efficient solution than CEREC dentistry. This modern technology is allowing us to correct challenges with our patient’s teeth in a way that is fast and easy. When you compare CEREC dentistry to the traditional methods for creating dental crowns, many distinct advantages exist, including -

#1 Your restoration will be completed in one visit to our 48075 dental office.

Traditionally, patients needing dental crowns or other dental restorations would need to visit a dentist and have their tooth examined and prepared and then come in for a second or third appointment before the restoration could be completed. Very often this would involve taking x-rays and potentially removing a portion of the enamel.  As a result, a temporary crown would need to be worn.  Then, it would take several weeks for the dental lab to finish creating a permanent dental crown or restoration specific to the measurements and impression taken. Once that crown was completed, a patient would return to have it bonded in place. Our solution is far superior in that you only have to visit our office one time to have a fully restored and functional tooth.  We eliminate the extra steps and hassle which makes the process much faster.

#2 You will not need to wear temporary dental crowns.

If you visit a dentist for a traditional dental crown, you will need to wear a temporary one while the dental lab finishes creating your permanent solution. Temporary crowns are designed to only be worn for a short period of time only.  They are known to slip out of place which can be terribly frustrating.  This is not a concern for us as a CEREC dentist since your permanent crown will be placed on the same visit that your tooth is prepared.

#3 You can leave with a fully functional tooth.

If the idea of living with a cracked tooth or a temporary crown is unappealing, visit City Centre Dental to speak with a CEREC dentist.  You can literally walk into our office with a damaged tooth and walk out with a fully restored one.  This means that you can get back to work and not need to worry about your appearance or speech being negatively influenced by a damaged tooth. To experience this benefit for yourself, call (248) 423-9393.

#4 CEREC dentistry can be used for dental implants.

As a 48075 cosmetic dentist, we often recommend that our Southfield, MI patients replace their missing teeth with dental implants.  This is the most secure way to replace teeth because it is the only solution that gives you a new root and new tooth.  The actual implant portion is a small titanium screw that is secured to the jawbone, while the tooth is a dental crown that can be created using our CEREC process.

Visit Our Southfield Office for CEREC and Receive Your Same-Day Restoration

At City Centre Dental, we encourage you to visit our office for a consultation if you have damaged a tooth.  We can let you know which restorative solution will work best for you after conducting an examination and taking x-rays. We will also let you know if you are a good candidate for CEREC and what the procedure entails. You can reach us by calling (248) 423-9393.

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